Auto Insurance Articles

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Auto Insurance Articles

Car Insurance Articles | Automobile Insurance Articles

AUTO INSURANCE BASICS (Articles provided by Insurance Information Institute)

      What is auto insurance?

      What is covered by a basic auto insurance policy?

      Can I drive legally without auto insurance?

      What if I lease a car?

      Do I need auto insurance to rent a car?

      What are the driving laws in my state?

      Is there a difference between cancellation and nonrenewal?


BUYING A POLICY & SAVING MONEY (Articles provided by Insurance Information Institute)

      How do I choose an insurance company?

      Where can I buy insurance?

      How can I save money?

      How much coverage do I need?

      What determines the price of my policy?

      What does my credit rating have to do with purchasing insurance?

      What information do I need to give to my agent or company?

      What can I do if I can't find coverage?

      How do I insure my teenage driver?

      Should I purchase an umbrella liability policy?

      Will my insurance cover a rental car after an accident?

HELP!  I HAVE TO FILE A CLAIM (Articles provided by Insurance Information Institute)

      How do I file a claim?

      What should I do if I am having trouble settling my claim?

      If I file a claim, will my premium go up?

      How are the value of my car and the cost of repair determined?

      What are my rights when filing a claim?

      Can my insurance company require me to use certain types of auto repair

SAFETY TIPS (Articles provided by Insurance Information Institute)

      Shopping for a Safe Car

      Teenagers & Safe Cars

      Air Bag Safety

      At the Scene of an Accident

      Car Breakdown Safety

      Child Safety Seats

      Cell Phones & Driving

      Road Rage

      Elderly Drivers

      Preventing Carjacking/Theft

      Driving in Bad Weather

      Avoiding Deer/Car Collisions

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